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My name is Vikas Mali and I am an IT engineer, currently working in a reputed IT company in India. Internet and technology is my passion and I have always believed that the Internet should be a place where everyone can share their opinions and knowledge to help people and solve their technical problems.

Everyday I learn new things of technology and it seems that learning is now a part of my life. I am running this website to share tech blogs that help people solve their technical issues.

Technology in particular is a powerful driving force in innovative capability, particularly as it relates to both the development of innovations and the way they move. The technology is intuitively scalable, demonstrating a consistent trend toward new innovations as a result of improvements in the present.

The product life cycle illustrates how economic returns pass through a steep exponential growth phase and final evening, which drives businesses to leverage technology to produce new innovations.

Communication and cumulative knowledge on technology allow these innovations to spread through technology to be applied worldwide with relative immediacy.

This dissemination of ideas can be created quickly and universally, thereby expanding the capacity for innovation by various ways worldwide.