Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

In our day-to-day life, we are becoming very addictive to using mobile technology and why not? If mobile phone provides all the smart features at the tip of our thumb then who cares about addiction. but I am shocked by the serious damage to our mental and physical health due to mobile phone. Therefore, I have written some of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Advantages of Mobile PhonesDisadvantages of Mobile Phones
Communication Across the WorldRisk of Nomophobia
Better Access to the InternetWeakens Thinking Process
Data transfer Audio-VideoMobile Addiction
EntertainmentSleep Deprivation
Numerous Learning OpportunitiesRisk of Brain Cancer
News, Live Sports and EventsNeck and Back Pain
PhotographyEyesight Weakness
Alarm and ReminderBreaks Privacy
Flashlight/TorchDepression and Anxiety
Maps, Navigation and TravelTime Wastage

Advantages of Mobile Phones

1. Communication Across the World

Technology has improved the mobile-phones at a level which makes the world closer to us. We can communicate with the person who is far away from us and this connection establish in just a few seconds.

Talking on Phone - Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

We use many social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc and by using them we have many friends from different cities, states, countries, whom we have never met before, but still we can talk to them everyday or whenever we want.

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2. Better Access to the Internet

Mobile phones allow users to access the Internet at the tip of our thumb by providing all the smart features. With the help of mobile internet, we can always stay updated. With updated information, we can make the right decisions.

3. Data transfer Audio-Video

We can share audio-video content to our friends or family members or make video calls easily through a mobile device by several available social media applications.

4. Entertainment

The time is gone, when we used to sit in front of the Television for entertainment. Now smartphones are on demand for entertainment.

Entertainment - Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

We can listen songs with various multimedia applications on the smartphone, listen to FM radio, watch-shoot movies, play games, click photos and more with smartphone.

5. Numerous Learning Opportunities

Youth are always expected to have access to the information they need. Mobile learning can deliver the kind of content that suits them anywhere.

Using a smartphone, we can record a lecture to listen to it later, so we can make sure that we don’t miss any details.

6. News, Live Sports and Events

The time is gone, when we used to sit in front of the Television to watch news updates and live sports. Now smartphones are on demand for latest updates news and live sports.

7. Photography

Taking selfies, photos through a mobile camera and posting it on social media is a daily activity or hobby of some people.

Mobile Photography - Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Furthermore, we do not need any professional camera for basic photography and video shooting. Through mobile phone we can shoot a video and share it with our friends with just a few clicks.

8. Alarm and Reminder

There are number of important features of mobile-phone in addition like alarm, reminder, document, notes, calendar, stopwatch, memo, etc help us to make our life more organized.

9. Flashlight/Torch

This is one of the best feature of the smartphone the older and simpler, Flashlight. It is useful in its own way when we are taking pictures and more so when we need to light up a dark corner.

10. Maps, Navigation and Travel

With the help of mobile phone you can find the nearest bars, restaurants and clubs. You can get recommendations and locations on the map.

Many phones have GPS system, which uses satellites to locate users of a phone. In addition, it provides information based on your location.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

1. Risk of Nomophobia

No-mobile-phone phobia” is a growing concern in the world in which we find it more important than ever to be connected to our mobile phones.

Nomophobia - disadvantages of mobile phones

When people lose their phone or when their mobile battery runs out or when they are in an area with no cellular coverage, it creates a feeling of fear or panic for them. In this case, they can go to any extent to get their mobile phone back.

2. Weakens Thinking Process

Researchers found that the people with so-called Internet and smartphone addiction actually demonstrated an imbalance in brain chemistry, compared to others who do not use smartphones. Excessive use of mobile phones negatively affects our thinking power.

3. Mobile Addiction

Teenagers are highly vulnerable to a cell phone addiction. The human brain is not fully developed until around 24-25 years of age. Adolescents who depend on their smartphone may experience negative changes in brain development.

This type of smartphone addicted behavior can lead to other problems, such as stress, a depressed mood, lack of sleep and decreased concentration for studies.

4. Sleep Deprivation

If your fist-sized mobile has games, videos, messaging apps then why would you ever want to sleep?

Sleep Deprivation

To avoid cell phone use at the end of the day is becoming increasingly difficult for teenagers and adults alike. It interrupts your sleep and slowly worsens sleep-patterns.

5. Risk of Brain Cancer

Mobile phones emit radio frequency energy, the electromagnetic radiation emanating from them can be absorbed by our tissues. The amount of radio frequency energy greatly harms a mobile phone user.

Radiation directly affects our brain cells, often converting existing cells into cancer cells which leading to brain cancer.

6. Neck and Back Pain

When using a cell phone, you tilt your head forward while looking down. This condition puts a lot of stress on your muscles, ligaments and tendons that support your head.

So more use of cellphone every day leads to severe upper back pain, severe back muscle cramps. Shoulder pain and stiffness, possibly painful shoulder muscle cramps.

7. Eyesight Weakness

90% of people see their phone immediately after waking up. Such mobile light is harmful to eyes during the day.

Children who do not have laptops or computers use cell phones for almost their every work. As a result, the next generation is going through eye problems.

We see many children today wearing glasses from their childhood due to mobile use, that shows the next generation will surely go through eyesight problems.

8. Privacy Breaks

We ourselves are breaking our privacy on social platforms through mobile. There is no privacy of our data anywhere on the internet because we are posting our updates daily on social apps which can be harmful to us. Any anonymous person can use such information to harm us financially or mentally.

9. Depression and Anxiety

Cellphones cause depression in many ways and for many reasons. When someone has a habit of cell phone, they also gradually become dependent on it. 

Depression - disadvantages of mobile phones

Anxiety, stress, sleepiness cause severe depression in adolescents and adults due to excessive use of mobile phones.

Similarly, the late response of text messages, not getting enough likes on Instagram or Facebook posts, etc. also cause depression.

10. Time Wastage

Time is money, it cannot be compared to anything in the world. But today we see that many students are wasting their time on Facebook, WhatsApp, games etc., causing them to deviate from their studies and future goals.


Thus we have seen, advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones and we come to know that mobile phones are very useful in our daily life but if we use it excessively it can harm us. But if we have self control over the use of mobile phones then it can be a device that can lead our life towards success.

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