Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

“My mobile phone is everything to me, it is the only way to stay connected to the outside world.” Good to hear, but I am shocked by the serious damage to our mental and physical health due to mobile phone. Therefore, I have written some of the disadvantages of mobile phones.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

1. Nomophobia

No-mobile-phone phobia” is a growing concern in the world in which we find it more important than ever to be connected to our mobiles.

Nomophobia - Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

When people lose their phone or when their mobile battery runs out or when they are in an area with no cellular coverage, it creates a feeling of fear or panic. In this case, they can go to any extent to get their mobile back.

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2. Depression

Cellphones cause depression in many ways and for many reasons. When someone has a habit of cell phone, they also gradually become dependent on it.

Depression - Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Anxiety, stress, sleepiness cause severe depression in adolescents and adults due to excessive use of mobile phones. Similarly, the late response of text messages, not getting enough likes on Instagram or Facebook posts, etc. also cause depression.

3. Sleep Deprivation

If your fist-sized mobile has games, videos, messaging apps then why would you ever want to sleep?

Sleep Deprivation - Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

To avoid cell phone use at the end of the day is becoming increasingly difficult for teenagers and adults alike. It interrupts your sleep and slowly worsens sleep-patterns.

4. Risk of Brain Cancer

Mobile phones emit radio frequency energy, the electromagnetic radiation emanating from them can be absorbed by our tissues.

Risk of Brain Cancer

The amount of radio frequency energy greatly harms a mobile phone user. Radiation directly affects our brain cells, often converting existing cells into cancer cells which leading to brain cancer.

5. Eyesight Weakness

90% of people see their phone immediately after waking up. Such mobile light is harmful to eyes during the day. Even children who do not have laptops or computers use cell phones for almost their every work. As a result, the next generation is going through eye problems.

Eyesight Weakness - Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

We see many children today wearing glasses from their childhood due to mobile use, that shows the next generation will surely go through eyesight problems.

6. Neck and Back Pain

When using a cell phone, you tilt your head forward while looking down. This condition puts a lot of stress on your muscles, ligaments and tendons that support your head.

Neck and Back Pain

So more use of cellphone every day leads to severe upper back pain, severe back muscle cramps. Shoulder pain and stiffness, possibly painful shoulder muscle cramps.


Thus, we have seen the disadvantages of mobile phones and we have come to know that excessive use of mobile phones is very harmful for our body.

Those who are very addicted to mobile, it is time that you need to think deeply on it before its too late. The world is very beautiful but you need to look outside the mobile. Go for meditation, do physical activities also do activities that you are interested in, this will definitely give you relief from mobile addiction.

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