How Earphones Are Harmful to Your Ears

Everyone uses earphones/headphones, but that does not mean they are safe for your ears. If you are not careful in using earphones and headphones, they can damage your ears.

This is how earphones are harmful to your ears:

Effect on Hearing Ability

Bad effect of using earphones on hearing ability

When you use earphones, the audio goes directly into your ears which reaches your eardrum. People who use earphones continuously have a reduced hearing power. If you increase the audio volume by 100% for at least 15 minutes every day, you can go through serious hearing problems.

Severe Ear Pain

Severe Ear Pain

People who are addicted to Earphones/headphones, often visits the doctor with unbearable ear pain disease. If you are also using earphones excessively, you will usually hear some strange and varied sounds in your ears, and sometimes you will feel dead in your ears. Also more use of earphones can cause severe pain in your ears.

Bad Effect on Brain

Earphones Are Harmful to Your Ears and Brain

Earphones typically generate electromagnetic waves that are at risk to the human brain over long periods. Also, since the inner ear has a connection with the brain so any damage or infection in the ear can also affect the brain.

Excessive Ear Wax

Excessive Ear Wax

Using earphones for long periods of time also develops excessive ear wax in the ears which increases the likelihood of tinnitus, hearing difficulty, earache and frequent ear infections.

Risk of Infections in Ears

Earphones Are Harmful to Your Ears that can cause Infections.

Another thing that you do while using your earphones is that you should never share them with anyone. Sharing earphones can cause infection in your ears. Even when you decide to share your earphones, be sure to clean them before use.

Many bad habits like sleeping with earphones at night, putting earphones on during morning walks and keeping headphones on while riding bikes, high noise of disco are proving fatal for the youth. Due to this, the youth are not only suffering from deafness, but their mental strength is also deteriorating. Hence excessive use of earphones are harmful to your ears.

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