How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Blog

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Blog

Top-7 Tips on How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Blog

1. Write Quality Content

Content is a king in blogging field, so if you provide quality content on your blog then visitors will trust you and come back to your site. This will help to reduce your site’s bounce rate slightly.

Without quality content, visitors will go back from your site because there are many sites available that are providing better content. Also if you are writing content but not giving the right information, then it will reduce the rank of your site. So write what is right.

Remember to keep the content size from 600-1000 words and use simple language so that visitors can understand what you have written.

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2. Reduce Page Load Time

Page load time is a very important factor for any website. Furthermore, to rank even higher in Search Engine, the loading time of your website must be at least, as it is also an important SEO factor.

If the page load time of your site is long, then the visitor will not wait that much long to open the page.

Consider the following loading time:

  • Less than 1 second – Perfect
  • 1 second to 3 second – Above Average
  • 3 second to 7 second – Average
  • More than 7 – Very Poor

If you want to make visitors happy, then keep the loading time Perfect or Above Average. Use limited images and low size images in your blog post, this will reduce page load time.

3. Stay Away from Popup Ads

Many sites show a lot of ads to make money that slows down their site and distracts the reader’s attention – especially popup ads. This greatly affects the bounce rate.

If you use popup ads on your site, it redirects the visitor to another URL and such Ads visitors do not like it at all. So if you are placing ads on your site, then try to place them in the right place.

4. Focus on Site Design

You like what you see and then you are attracted. In the same way, if your website and blog looks good, then visitors will come to your website again and they will also like to read the content. Whenever you are designing your blog, it is very important to have knowledge of color combination.

Choose the font color and text size correctly so that the visitor does not face any problem in reading. Because customer is God and to make God sad means to kick on own stomach. If you have given a lot of animation to your site, that too does not look good. Make site design simple and reader friendly.

5. Use Related Posts

If you want to keep visitors on your site for a long time, then Related Posts can help you a lot in this. Related Posts are often displayed at the end of the content.

How to reduce bounce rate on blog. If you are a WordPress user, there are many plugins available in the WordPress repository that can help you add related posts to your site.

6. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

As we all know that nowadays mobile users are the most. So we should pay more attention to make our blog mobile friendly. The more mobile friendly your blog is, the more visitors will like your blog.

As you know 70% of visitors are mobile users, so use your site template mobile friendly. This is very important tip on how to reduce bounce rate on blog.

7. Create Internal linking

Internal linking is a plain and simple good SEO practice to increase your ranking of your post, it also reduce the bounce rate as it can generate user interest and click on any other page on your site.

It keeps visitors to your site. If you are on a WordPress site, you can easily do this by clicking the “Insert / Edit” link option, then there will be option to link to existing content.


Thus, we have seen the tips on how to reduce bounce rate on blog, and we have found that low bounce rate helps our blog to rank faster in Google search results.

Bounce rate in the 26-40 percent range is very good. 41-55 percent is about average. 56-70 percent is above average. Anything above 70 percent is disappointing not only for blog but also for news, events website. Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

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