How To Speed Up My Computer

Top-8 Tips on How to Speed Up My Computer

1. Disable Unused Programs Running On Startup

Many software programs are launched in the background at computer startup time and we cannot even see them, so the more programs launched at startup, the more startup time the system will take.

So you need to know how many and which programs are starting automatically at system startup. You can see them all on the “Show hidden icons” option in the notification area on the taskbar.

There are many programs that we rarely use or never use, then why to keep those programs at startup and slow down the entire system. So decide now for yourself the useful programs you need at startup and disable unused or rarely used programs.

Disable Apps On Startup - How To Speed Up My Computer

To Disable Unused Programs Running On Startup:

  1. Open Task Manager you will find it by right clicking on the taskbar
  2. Navigate to the startup
  3. Click on rarely used programs and click Disable

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2. Schedule Scanning

Virus Scanning - How To Speed Up My Computer

While surfing the web, many viruses, Trojans and harmful things enter our system which slow down or damage the system. Hence download any reliable antivirus program and go for a full system scan once a week. This will free the system disk from viruses and malware, resulting in the device running smoothly.

3. Restart Your Computer

System Restart - How To Speed Up My Computer

Restart is a very necessary operation for your computer when you use it a lot. You must restart the computer at least once a week. Because each software runs several programs in the background and if you are using many software, there are many programs working in the background which as a result in high memory usage and poor performance. Restarting clears all running processes and clears the memory space that speeds up performance.

4. Disk Cleanup

Clean your disk with ‘Disk Cleanup‘ option. It clears all junk files, thumbnails, temporary Internet files, recycle bin data, and unused log files that free up space on the hard disk. If your disk is getting close to full, You will notice even more speed difference.

Disk Cleanup - How To Speed Up My Computer

To Clean The Disk:

  1. Go to Start and search Disk Cleanup and click on it
  2. Select the drive you want to clean and click OK
  3. Tick the files you want to clean then proceed to click OK

5. Disk Defragmentation

All data in the hard drive is fragmented. It is spread everywhere in the drive which slows down the speed of read write operation as a result in makes the boot process longer.

Your computer suffers from the constant growth of these fragmented data. Disk defragmentation collects these pieces of data and assembles them in one place and accelerates access to the data.

Disk Defragmentation

To Defragment The Disk:

  1. Go to Start and search for Defragment and Optimize Drives and click on it
  2. Select the drive you want to defragment and click on Optimize

6. Add More RAM


RAM (random access memory) is a fundamental component of any computer because all processes are run on RAM. If the size (megabytes or gigabytes) of RAM in your computer is low then it gives a poor speed performance, so Adding more RAM will definitely increase the speed performance of your computer.

7. Remove Unused Programs

How to speed up my computer, When you buy a computer it comes with a lot of apps that are not useful to you. Many of those programs run in the background which consume high CPU, memory usage and decrease operation speed. Removing such unused apps will free up space and reduce CPU usage thus making the system run faster.

To Remove Unused Programs:

  1. Go to Start and search for Add or Remove Programs and click on it
  2. Select the program you want to remove and click on Uninstall

8. Use few programs at a time

How to speed up my computer, Many users have the behavior of running dozens of programs at the same time and this has a very bad effect on computer performance, so here don’t be surprised if your computer slows down, ask yourself if you really want to keep all these programs running at the same time.

Likewise also make sure that you are using only one antivirus software on your system as more than one antivirus software slows down your system. This is how to speed up my computer.

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