Importance of Table of Contents in Blogging

Friends, you may have seen the table of contents on a website such as Wikipedia. A table of contents makes it easy to jump directly to the part of the post that the user wants to read in longer articles.

What is Table of Contents (TOC)

The table of contents is a summarized overview of all the topics present in an article or post. TOC is a short form of Table of Contents. The form of the link in the list denotes all headings and subheadings H1, H2, H3, H4 used in the TOC. This helps readers to know which topics are covered in the article.

Let us take an example of a book, all books have an index page at the beginning which shows how many chapters or topics are in that book and what pages are with the page number. And with the help of an index we can easily navigate to the topic or chapter we want to study. Let me tell you that the index itself is called the table of contents.

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Importance of Table of Contents

It Helps in SEO

The table of contents helps improve the SEO ranking of your post, TOC links can be shown in the search results so that the user can jump directly to that part of the post. It can also help increase the chance of getting a featured snippet or search features.

It Provides Easy Navigation For Users

Table of contents is very important for post or articles. You must have read a long article of words (1000-2000) on the internet and you would have noticed that it takes time to read such a long post. In such a post there are many points which we already know, but still we have to read or go through all the points, because it does not have a table of contents.

If the post have table of contents, we can jump right to the point we have to read. Also the table of contents makes the article more professional and attractive with its structure overview.

How to Add Table of Content in WordPress

Step1: Install and activate the plugin “Table Of Contents Plus” in your WordPress:

Importance of Table of Contents in Blogging - Install Plugin

Step2: Go to the settings of the plugin:

Plugin Settings

Step3: Select post and page option in “Auto insert for the following content types”:

Table of Contents Plugin Settings

Step4: You can change the rest settings if you want but I would recommend to keep it default and then click on “Update Options”.

After clicking on “Update Options” all the posts and pages of your website will show the table of contents before the first heading.


Thus we have seen how the table of contents is useful, how to add it to our WordPress website and how important it is in blogging. And we came to know that, if we add table of contents to our blog post then our blog gets great benefit from it.

Also, table of contents helps our blog visitors navigate the topic they want to read in the post. If we keep a table of contents at the beginning of all our posts whether the post is short or long, readers will know what topics are covered in the blog post.

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