Top 10 Technological Innovations in the UK

The UK is regarded as the land of technology as it is home to many revolutionary technological innovations in history. There are many tech start-ups taking birth in this golden territory and proving their mettle in the entire world.

The UK is blessed to have skilled manpower, the entrepreneurial mindset of the talented youth, conducive business policies, and a friendly taxation structure. This environment nurtures youngsters and small companies to make strides on a global level.

Technological Innovations in the UK

The technology is being employed even in the lending processes as direct lenders providing emergency money for unemployed in the UK are using it. They use machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence in different stages of lending from assessing borrower’s profile to computing credit risk.

This blog will discuss many such genius innovations of all time that were the UK’s brainchild. Some of the devices which have become necessities today were invented in the UK, for example, telephone, photographs, etc.

Let’s look at some of these innovations in detail, be ready to get surprised by what the UK has given to the world:

1. Advanced Risk Machines (ARM)

Everyone today uses a Smartphone or a regular mobile phone; all these phones have in-built ARM technology in the processors. These devices would not have worked, had this technology not been there.

The company ARM behind this technology was born in the UK, did you know this? They have manufactured and shipped more than 85 billion ARM-based chips in the microprocessors till 2020. Engineers from Cambridge University started this legendary company in 1990.

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2. Telephone

Our lives today are incomplete without a smartphone in this connected world; it has become an essential part of us. Would you be flabbergasted if I tell you that “Mr. Watson, come over here, I want you” were the first words ever spoken on what is called the first-ever telephone?

This happened way back in 1876 in the UK, the inventor was, of course, Alexander Graham Bell and Watson was his assistant.

It is that the telephone was one of the path-breaking inventions in history to date considering its utility in this fast pacing world today.

3. World Wide Web (WWW)

Smartphones today are useless without the internet, as it gives us the power to stay connected to the world. We can do everything from payments to booking with a few clicks only because of the World Wide Web, which is less than 3 decades old.

Indeed, we have come a long way in no time. World Wide Web is an excellent gift to humankind by Tim Berners Lee, who happened to be a computer scientist from Oxford University, UK.

It started as the need of the hour back then was the problems faced by employees to share files and information.

4. Geostationary Satellite

British space scientists were contemplating how they could devise a satellite whose orbital period is in synchronization with the rotation period of the Earth.

Thus, the geostationary satellite is also known as a geosynchronous satellite because of this synchronization. This invention wrote a new chapter in the book of space science, and it was the brainchild of Arthur Clarke.

5. Radar

It is the iconic electromagnetic sensor and a famous detection system, which uses radio waves to calculate the angle, velocity, and range of the object. This technological radar invention was by a renowned British physicist, and Robert Watson Watt pioneered this concept in the mid-1930s.

Remember, back in that day, there were tools to fund the R&D for such dream projects of that time. This made it possible for the detection of enemy’s warfare in any weather situation.  

6. Jet Engine

Sir Frank Whittle is the person behind how and why you are taking flights for a holiday. He happened to be a Royal Air Force officer, and he was a cadet during this period and in the early 1940s when the jet engine got its wings.

He also penned down his research thesis as to how airplanes can fly at a certain height and speed to maintain its trajectory.

The US took cognizance of this discovery and started their research in this area by walking in the footsteps of Mr. Whittle.

7. Photography

Our dining experience or a vacation is incomplete without capturing pictures from DSLR or our smartphones as a souvenir. However, things were not so simple back then; the first known technology in imaging was initiated successfully by a Britisher named Fox Talbot in as early as 1834.

There is no doubt behind the veracity that photography has grown leaps and bounds since then to reach where it is today. The first picture taken by Fox Talbot didn’t even employ a camera; instead, he used light-sensitive AgCl (silver chloride) and made it contact with the rays of the sun. Think about that effort before uploading your next Instagram upload with filters.

8. ATMs

Banking experience has been improved drastically after the invention of the machine known as Automated Teller Machine. Gone are the days when you used to stand in long queues in a bank to withdraw money or know your balance from a teller. You may feel surprised that ATM technology is a gift from the UK to the world.

A person by the name of John Shepherd Barron from the UK came up with the idea of ATM in 1940 when he was unable to withdraw money from his account after the bank was closed. John pitched this idea to a Chief GM of the Barclays Bank, and it was welcomed with great enthusiasm.

The same person is also the brain behind the four-digit ATM pin you enter every time you visit an ATM to get the cash.

9. Water Resistant Material

For most of the year, it is raining cats and dogs in London with average rainfall being 1154 mm according to the UK Meteorological Department statistics.

You must have used a waterproof jacket or a raincoat to prevent yourself from getting wet and catching cold. Did you know that this waterproof technology was conceptualized in the UK in 1824?

Charles Macintosh from Scotland based Glasgow city discovered a waterproof raincoat which got its name as Macintosh Raincoats based on its founder.

10. Graphene

Did you know what the strongest material in this world is? It is “graphene”, which is known to be 300 times stronger than steel. The best part is, it is still light in weight and thin in breadth.

Graphene is the brainchild of a couple of great scientists working at Manchester University who received the most prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics for this legendary innovation.

Also, a fun trivia: Graphene happens to be the first 2D material the world has ever seen or known. It has a property that it can conduct both heat and electricity being completely transparent. Another revolutionary idea out of many such ideas that the UK boasts of in the world. 

Description: This blog was written to enhance the awareness of the people in the UK about how many things they use their compatriots invent every day.

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