What is Backlink and Why Backlinks are Important in SEO

Friends, many new bloggers who have started their new blogs do not know about backlinks. Let us see what is backlink and what are the importance of bucklinks.

What is Backlink

Backlink is a link that makes a way to come from other website to your website. Backlink is the incoming link located on any other website, by clicking on that the visitor comes to your website from that website.

What is Backlink and Why Backlinks are Important in SEO

We can say that when a website is linked to a page from another website, it is called backlink. They are also known as Inbound Links (IBLs), these are called Backlinks because they point your page back from another page.

In simple words, suppose there is a website where many visitors come to read the articles every day and a link to your website is also given in the web page of that website, by clicking that link, visitors will also come to your page. These visitors will start increasing every day and your website will rank well in search engines. We call these links backlink.

A page that has very high quality backlinks is rank higher in all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). In addition, the backlink that sends referral traffic to your website or blog is targeted traffic, so it has a very low bounce rate.

The top 10 post links shown in SERP when searching for a keyword in search engine, their backlink profile is very strong. Backlinks used to play a huge role in the ranking of webpage till a years ago, Backlinks are still important for webpages from SEO point of view but now quality backlinks are needed.

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Types of Backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks

These types of links are very helpful for our blog or website, because this link passes juice to our blog which improves the search ranking. And it also increase DA (Domain Authority). But remember that not every blog offers you dofollow backlinks, as most blogs or websites only provide Nofollow links.

Nofollow Backlinks

When any link is linked to another blog with nofollow tag it is called nofollow backlink. Such links are not very useful for our blog, only a little traffic can come to your blog, nothing else.

This kind of link does not pass link juice for content ranking because the search engine does not follow them. But it works a bit to a point, like when we comment on a blog, it makes blog networks good which is very important for any new website.

Importance of Backlinks

The benefits of backlinks in SEO depends on what it’s type and where it is coming from. Just like if your website or blog is related to technology and you are getting backlink from health related website, then you will not get that much benefit. The website should have the same niche or topic as yours from which you are getting backlinks to get its benefit.

Backlink Provides Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is a list of visitors who visit blog or website from direct link from any other website, not from search engine. In Google Analytics, you can check how much percent referral traffic comes on your blog or website.

If you want referral traffic to your blog then you need quality backlinks. In general, referral traffic is target traffic which reduces your blog’s bounce rate. So you need relevancy when creating backlinks.

Backlink Increases Organic Traffic

The high quality backlinks means good ranking of the blog in search engine. Search engine performs several parameter checks to show the post on first page. It is important that how many related blogs and websites recommend your content. The more recommendation you get, the better for ranking in search results.

Backlink Promotes the Blog

Backlinks also promote your blog for free and increase the reach of the blog. Submitting blog link on popular website helps in SEO. Also when your blog post starts getting like, comments and share on good websites then your blog name starts to be converted to brand name.

Linking to a good website increases your credibility among readers due to which readers start converting to followers. Make sure you use the natural backlinks for branding otherwise Google will penalize your blog.

How to Create Quality Backlink

Write Guest Posts

Many websites accept guest posts and allow backlinks to be mentioned in that post. You can find the same niche website as yours and submit a guest post to them so that you will get a quality “dofollow” backlink from there.

Start Commenting

When you mention your blog link in commnent then you will get nofollow backlink. This does not help in site ranking, but helps to get the traffic. Start commenting by using top commentator plugin on dofollow blogs and dofollow forum to create backlinks by commenting. Backlink from comments are not very good, but you must have heard that something is better than nothing.

Link Submission

Link submission means to submit the link of blog post along with the blog’s home page on the related directory. Link submission is very tough because finding legal and good directory is hard. Always work for natural backlinks. Also do not forget to do link exchange. Avoid using automated direct submission trick for backlink, automatic link submission will be counted as spam. This will cause SEO problem in the future.

Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing is the easiest and genuine way to share blogs to people. For this, share the link of the blog post on different social media platforms. Sharing links on social media will promote your blog and provide backlinks that increase the blog’s reach.


If you also have new blog and troubled to get traffic, then I would recommend to make natural backlink and try as many dofollow links from good PA, DA site. Share your blog on social media as much as possible. Believe me, after this when you check the traffic report in google analytics, you will be happy.

So in this article, we have seen what is backlink and why backlinks are important in SEO. If there is any confusion related to this post you can ask us through the comment. We will try our best to answer it soon. If you liked this article, then do not forget to share it with your friends on social media sites.

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