Why Technology is Good

Technology is good because it makes easier to manage our day-to-day life and exchange valuable information to our friends, family and others. Advancement in technology have inspired the development of new and faster modes of transport and communication. Technology has touched every aspect of the life, making it easier, better and different.

Top-10 Reasons of Why Technology is Good

1. Technology Connects the World

We are becoming very addictive to using mobile technology and why not? If mobile technology provides all the smart features at the tip of our thumb then who cares about addiction.

Technology has improved the mobile-phones at a level which makes the world closer to us. We can communicate with the person who is far away from us and this connection establish in just a few seconds.

Mobile Communication - Why Technology is Good

We use many social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc and by using them we have many friends from different cities, states, countries, whom we have never met before, but still we can talk to them everyday or whenever we want.

The time is gone, when we used to sit in front of the TV for entertainment. Now smartphones are on demand for entertainment.

We can listen to songs with various multimedia apps on the smartphone, listen to FM radio, watch-shoot movies, play games, click photos and more with smartphone.

There are number of important features of mobile-phone in addition like alarm, document, notes, calendar, stopwatch, etc help us to make our life more organized. This is why technology is good to connect the world.

2. Technology Helps in Education

The use of technology in schools has increased a lot these days. Whether it is a PowerPoint presentation, online lecture or video. Today’s schools are making technology an important part of education.

Technology Helps in Education

It is necessary that students should be equipped with the technical skills that will help them updated with today’s industrial needs. The presence of technology in education has made it possible for students to focus more on their own interested subjects.

The Internet have lot of educational information, which is updated regularly. So students can search the information on the website and compare the views of different authors. Using audio-visual information in the education, using filmstrips, audiTaps, computers, etc. makes learning easier for the students.

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3. Technology Helps in Fast Upgradation of Digital Devices

We all know how big a computer was when it was invented, we can’t even imagine how similar it was to the size of our room. Technology upgrades have reduced its size and placed computers on our lap.

Upgradation In Digital Devices - Why Technology is Good

So we use laptops and can do many things that were impossible for that old big size computer. Over time, technology upgrades rapidly, it shrink the size of devices and increase their efficiency compared to before.

In earlier times cable TV was very popular but now its time of LED and 3D TV with 4k and 8k video clarity which increased the video quality to great extend due to fast technology upgradation. This is why technology is good in faster upgradation of digital devices.

4. Technology Makes Human Fly

A human does not have wings but it do not stop a human from flying. We have airplane technology to fly in the air, we don’t need wings to fly. Of course this is only due to technology.

Technology Makes Human Fly

In the days before airplane technology was not invented, transportation was done by road vehicles, which were very slow and in a limited distance, from the source to the destination point.

Now we can travel very fast to our destination point on Earth at a speed of 478 mph. There is no obstruction in the way of air, we can travel abroad to reach any country.

This helps in the economical development at great extend because it accelerate the speed of transportation. This is why technology is good to makes human fly.

5. Technology Helps in Business Growth

Unemployment is the biggest problem in most countries, technology creates opportunities of various jobs for youths which increase employment. When technology comes to grow the business, there is no limit to the level at which the business grows.

Marketing is a fundamental part of any business. Technology plays major role here, it provides many methods of marketing such as advertisement on social platforms, various forums, TV channels, etc which increase the sales of business directly to the consumer and help in business growth.

Business Growth Due To Technology

Initially business communication was limited to paper work. But with the help of technology today we use many mediums like Email, Slack, Skype, Video Conferencing, etc. It helps in maintaining business communication between boss and employees or employees and clients, etc.

Many IT companies allow their employees with remote login, in other words they can work from home. This increases the enthusiasm of the employees for their work and it saves their travel time.

Due to technology, market size increased so business widened in the same extent. Competition created quality awareness among the producers. So the concept of productivity got more predominance also excellence in output has been increased. This is why technology is good in business growth.

6. Technology Helps in Space Research

Even more technology has contributed well in space research. It helps astronauts research various planets, stars, galaxies in space so was impossible to us know about other planets in the space without technology.

Many space organizations release their satellites into space and these satellites are used for many purposes, GPS being one of them. Where ever we are, the location can be indicate globally using GPS.

Space Research

Many navigation apps like Google Maps are using GPS for their work operations. Similarly with the help of GPS sensors, smart robots can drive safely their own.

Satellites send and receive signals to Earth via transponders and these signals are used for mobile communication and Internet also, which makes it possible to connect anyone in any country of the world.

Due to the curvature of earth, the line of sight communication was limited. So for long distance communication, some different technologies like satellite communication technology is used.

Satellite communication technology is basically a direct line of sight communication. In 1965, the first geostationary satellite (EARLY BIRD) was launched and it started telephone service across Atlantic Ocean. This is why technology is good in space research.

7. Technology Helps in Agriculture Growth

Modern agricultural techniques are very useful for increasing the farm production rate. With the help of technology science a lot of human labor and Saves valuable time.

Agriculture Growth

Due to the invention of various sensors, machines and automatic devices we are getting the accuracy of work which is not 100% attained by any human labor.

Due to the agriculture technology, more amount of farming can be done by less people. Humans estimate the proportion of any material such as fertilizers or water that can waste resources and be harmful to the crop.

While these work are done in exact proportion by various machines and robots, so that there is no wastage of resources. This is why technology is good in agriculture growth.

8. Technology Helps in Medical And Personal Care

This point is very important among all points because we are very happy in this life and we think life is very good but, what about physically disabled people? Life is nothing but a curse for them.

Medical Technology

Recent research has found that the chances of suicide are higher in such populations, they are more acceptable for suicide than normal ones.

Technology has a big contribution to save the lives of physically challenged people. If a person don’t have an arm or leg since childhood, we can give him a prosthetic arm or leg using a prosthetic device that makes him independent and more confident in his life. This is why technology is good in medical field.

9. Technology Helps in Military

With the rapid development in robotic technology around the world, many robotic application were developed to improve the quality of lives.

Military Robot

Now a days, unmanned robots-vehicles are becoming very popular and common in Industries home and military organizations. There are many benefits of this type of robots as compared to human.

Very important thing about these robots is that they have the capability to perform their tasks remotely in the field, where the human cannot go and do that activity without any risks. This is why technology is good in military field.

10. Technology Helps in Surveillance

CCTV technology has become so much less expensive over the years that both large and small stores are able to install cameras as a deterrent against theft and robbery.

CCTV Camera

In many areas Security Cameras have been placed in highly crowded public areas as a security measure against terrorism. CCTV technology is an inexpensive way to improve security in your home, shop or your premises.

Why Technology is Bad?

  • We ourselves are breaking our privacy on social platforms. There is no privacy of our data anywhere on the internet because we are posting our updates daily on social apps which can be harmful to us. Any anonymous person can use such information to harm us financially or mentally.
  • Today we see that many students are wasting their time on Facebook, WhatsApp, games etc., causing them to deviate from their studies and future goals. They are forgetting the ground game which causes sluggishness in the body.
  • Our laziness is growing in such a way that we do not like to go to the shop to buy essential goods, instead we spend more money and get goods by home delivery.
  • We are slowly moving towards world war because technology inventions have created nuclear weapons that have the power to destroy the entire earth. And today many countries have nuclear power so the results will be out of our thinking if war is declared.
  • Youths specially are crazy for the speed of their vehicles and these high-tech fast cars are becoming the reasons for dangerous accidents on the road.
  • Various bank frauds and online robberies are increasing day by day. Our money is not even safe in bank accounts because there is still fear of hackers who can steal our money.


As above, we have seen the reasons of why technology is good, so we can say that today our life is incomplete without technology.

When it comes to the development of the country, today we can see that many countries are in the list of developed countries. But for most countries unemployment is still the biggest problem which is solved by technology, so that people get many jobs available.

Yes technology makes our lives much easier, and it saves us a lot of valuable time which was impossible in earlier days when technology was not invented.

But we cannot depend entirely on technology because the way a coin has two sides, technology not only has advantages, but also has many disadvantages.

I hope this article explains in detail about why technology is good, if you liked my article please share it with your friends. For more on technology.