Why Technology Is Good

What is technology?

Definition: Technology is a combination of different processes, skills, techniques and methods used in the production of goods or various services to achieve any human needs such as scientific inquiry or daily life needs.

If we talk in simple terms, we can say that technology is the development and use of basic tools. Suppose a person wants to talk with another person who is near him then he can talk with him easily without any issue or without any need.

But what if the other person is many miles away from him? Therefore new technology has been developed which is a mobile phone and that person can then use it to talk with another person who is several miles away from him.

Why Technology Is Good In Human Life:

1. Technology Makes World In Our Pocket:

Mobile Technology

In our day-to-day life, we are becoming very addictive to using mobile technology and why not? If mobile technology provides all the smart features at the tip of our thumb then who cares about addiction.

It Connect World:

Technology has improved smartphones in a way that makes the whole world closer to us. We can communicate with people who are far away from us and we connect with them in a few seconds.

We use many social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc and by using them we have many friends from different cities, states, countries, whom we have never met before, but still we can talk to them everyday or whenever we want.


The time is gone, when we used to sit in front of the TV for entertainment. Now smartphones are on demand for entertainment. We can listen to songs with various multimedia apps on the smartphone, listen to FM radio, watch-shoot movies, play games, click photos and more with smartphone.

Organized life:

Lots of important features of smartphone in addition like alarm, document, notes, calendar, stopwatch, memo, etc help us to make our life more organized.

3. Upgradation Due To Technology:

Computer technology

We all know how big a computer was when it was invented, we can’t even imagine how similar it was to the size of our room. Technology upgrades have reduced its size and placed computers on our lap. So we use laptops and can do many things that were impossible for that old big size computer.

Over time, technology upgrades rapidly, it shrink the size of devices and increase their efficiency compared to before.

4. Technology Helps In Business Growth :

Business growth due to technology

Unemployment is the biggest problem in most countries, technology creates opportunities of various jobs for youths which increase employment. When technology comes to grow the business, there is no limit to the level at which the business grows.

Business Marketing:

Marketing is a fundamental part of any business. Technology plays a major role here. It provides many marketing methods such as advertisement on social platforms, various forums, TV channels, etc which increase the sales of business directly to the consumer and help in business growth.

Business Communications:

Initially business communication was limited to paper work. But with the help of technology today business is dependent on many business communication mediums like Email, Slack, Skype, Video Conferencing, etc. It helps in maintaining business communication between boss and employees, employees and clients, etc.

Work From Home:

Many IT companies allow their employees with remote login In other words they can work from home. This increases the enthusiasm of the employees for their work and it saves their travel time.

Advantages Of Technology In Business World:

  • Market size increased and so business widened in the same extent.
  • Competition created Quality awareness among the producers. So the concept of productivity got more predominance. Excellence in output has been increased.
  • Collaborations and business merging increased.
  • Employment opportunities increased tremendously, as various business areas developed as per the market needs.
  • Customer got key importance,due to survival approach of the business in the competition.Quantum technology of Export increased and foreign exchange helped to make countries Economy stronger.

2. Technology Helps In Space Research:

Space technology

Even more Technology has contributed well in space research. It helps astronauts research various planets, stars, galaxies in space so was impossible to us know about other planets in the space without technology.

How do we use space technology in our everyday lives?


Many space organizations release their satellites into space and these satellites are used for many purposes, GPS being one of them. We can indicate our location globally, anywhere using GPS.

Many navigation apps like Google Maps are using GPS for their work operations. Similarly with the help of GPS sensors, smart robots can drive safely their own.


Satellites send and receive signals to Earth via transponders and these signals are used for mobile communication and Internet also, which makes it possible to connect anyone in any country of the world.


The long range communication, using microwave electromagnetic field, was introduced in 1920s. But such systems were limited to line of sight communication only.

Due to the curvature of earth; the line of sight communication was limited. So for long distance communication; some different technologies like satellite communication technology is used.

Satellite communication technology is basically a direct line of sight communication. In 1965, the first geostationary satellite (EARLY BIRD) was launched and it started telephone service across Atlantic Ocean.

The Geostationary orbit (GEO) was preferred because if the satellite is launched into this orbit then it appears stationary.

Initially Canada developed a national communication system using GEO satellites. In the year 1980s, there was a rapid development of GEO satellite systems technology which was used for handling telephone traffic and video signals.

5. Technology Helps In Health And Personal Care:

This point is very important among all points because we are very happy in this life and we think life is very good but, what about physically disabled people? Life is nothing but a curse for them.

Recent research has found that the chances of suicide are higher in such populations, they are more acceptable for suicide than normal ones.

Technology has a big contribution to save the lives of physically challenged people, let’s see how?


If a person’s body part is damaged and lost due to an accident or some disease or is not from birth, then the prosthetic device works to rehabilitate that part of the body.

For example, if a person don’t have an arm or leg since childhood, We can give him a prosthetic arm or leg using a prosthetic device that makes him independent and more confident in his life.

These prosthesis devices have advanced a lot with the use of modern technology and they are controlled in various ways and cover any shape and size according to the body of the patients. They look like natural arm, leg, feet, hands, etc. with many beautiful designs.

Prosthesis Types:
  • Lower leg and foot
  • Leg with knee
  • Arm and hand
Prosthesis Parts:
  • A suspension, which holds the prosthesis onto the stump to fit the grips
  • The shaft for foot, hook or hand
  • The covering for cosmetic appearances

6. Technology Gives Us Many useful Outcomes As Below:

  • ATM
  • Cryptocurrency
  • CCTV
  • E-commerce
  • Digital Media


With the help of technology, the Automated Teller Machine allows the user to withdraw money from his bank account without visiting the bank branch office.

The user can print out the passbook to know the current balance of his account and deposit the money in his account through the ATM machine. This reduced most congestion in banks and reduced the work of bank employees.

Most ATMs are available 24×7 to the public so users can use it to manage their bank account any time of the day.

In the traditional way every time when we visit the bank we have to stand in a queue to withdraw or deposit the money which takes 100% human effort. But technology made this all too easy and reduced 70% of human effort.


Today currency is not just in the form of notes and coins, but technology makes it available digitally in the form of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency invented to use it on the Internet as an exchange medium.

Initially, people were considering its fraudsters, terrorists and criminals medium of exchange on the Internet for fraud and illegal businesses on the dark web. But the scope of security was increased day by day and made cryptocurrency more secure and worth trusting people.

Now people invest their money to buy a cryptocurrency and earn from it. In traditional business, separate commissions were added at different stages and there were paperwork and insecurity.

In addition, additional fees vary for different banks, depending on whether the transaction is local or international. But because cryptocurrency is designed in a peer-to-peer networking structure, it reduces the additional fees per transaction that apply to traditional transactions.


The CCTV technology or Closed Circuit Technology refers to eigther a visible or a secret video system intended for only a limited number of viewers.

In CCTV technology the picture s viewed or recorded, but not broadcast. It is simple and inexpensive enough to be used with Home Security System, and for everyday survieillance.

More specifically, CCTV technology is a television transmission technology system in which live or prerecorded signals are sent over a closed loop to a finite and predetermined group of receivers, usually as scrambeled radio waves that are unscrambeled at the point of reception.

CCTV technology takes numerous forms and performs a wide range of functions ranging from image enhancement for the partially sighted to the transmission of pay-per-view broadcasts.

Although cable television is technically a form of Closed Circuit TV, the term is generally used to describe systems with more specialized applications than a standard broadcast or cable television.

Such specialized systems are not subject to regulation by any standards; however, Security Cameras using scrambled radio waves are in fact subject to common carrier tariffs and FCC (CCIR) conditions of service.

CCTV Technology is often used for:
  • Surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores.
  • It is also an important tool of distance education.
  • In industrial plants, CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans.
  • CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event.
  • Electron microscopy, medical imaging and robotics are all common uses of CCTV.
  • Other common forms of CCTV include live on-site video displays for special events such as various conventions, arena sports and concerts as well as pay-per-view telecasts of sporting events such as boxing and pro wrestling
  • Also a common user of CCTV is “in-house” television channels that broadcast to very small and specific receivers such as in hospitals, airports, racetracks, schools, and malls
  • Security Cameras are now universally featured in many public and private institutions, from a correctional facility to the convenience store.
  • In prisons, they reduce the costs of staffing and operating observation towers and make it possible to maintain a constant watch on all areas of the facility.
  • CCTV technology has become so much less expensive over the years that both large and small stores are able to install cameras as a deterrent against theft and robbery.
  • In many areas Security Cameras have been placed in highly crowded public areas as a security measure against terrorism.


E-commerce in technology

Technology gives us many valuable outcomes and e-commerce is one of them. Today there are various e-commerce sites like Amazon.com available for us to buy or sell goods and services anywhere in the world.

In addition E-commerce sites are available 24×7 This makes the product available round the clock. Therefore we do not need to go to physical stores, just open an e-commerce site and order our needy product and pay cashless. As a result it increases the use of cashless transactions which helps to enhance the state of the economy of countries and reduce corruption.

Digital Media:

Digital Media is a media in the form of audio, video, pictures, web pages and ebooks that are generated by digital signals. In the modern world of digital electronics, the term digital media is generally associated with digital technology.

From many years, the main application of digital media is only in the computer system. But today, the digital media is used in many other applications such as:

  • Television
  • Communication System
  • Radar, navigation and guidance system
  • Military systems
  • Industrial process control
  • Consumer electronics
Internet contribution:

In 1989, Tim Berners Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) to share information, so we can say that there is no existence of digital media without internet. The Internet grew in potential day by day and became the main reason for the development of digital media.

Today there are many platforms for sharing photos, audio, video, web pages, ebooks, etc . We use to share this data daily with many social and business apps. When we share any type of video, audio, document on the Internet it is comes under the digital media.

People make money on the Internet by sharing their content to help the people. A good example is YouTube, a YouTuber shares content on YouTube and makes money.

Television Contribution:

Television shows video to entertain people. In earlier times cable TV was very popular but now the time of 4k and 8k video clarity which proves the value and importance of digital media.

Many big companies promote their advertisements on TV to reach the people and TV channels earn from them. Therefore digital media is becoming a main source of advertising in today’s world.

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